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If you are in a remote or rural area and  suffer from slow, un-reliable or even NO  broadband then contact us. We offer a fast,  reliable broadband connection at a fair  price. NO BULL! 
Dashnet was started to fill the need for reliable internet in the Awatere Valley. The Awatere Valley has grown in the last decade with the advent of the wine industry and a huge increase in the planting of wine grapes. The support from significant businesses in the valley in the birth of Dashnet has been immense. This has been supported by isolated groups of people living here getting together to make the building of access point sites to service them economic. From Dashnet’s perspective we have not, and will not stray from quality equipment and systems. The ongoing success of Dashnet has therefore been a balancing act of simplicity, quality, and fair charges. We have learned a lot since our birth in 2012 and are fleet footed enough to change to meet the ever changing challenges of the internet. Our focus is still community based but now more channelled to the supply of good connectivity and not being side tracked with allied services. A lot of services such as voice over IP telephony [VOIP] are the on selling of other services so clipping the ticket on services such as this is not our thing. Similarly file storage and cloud services is better done by those specialising in it so now Dashnet is focussing on the delivering of a good connection at fair pricing. To this end we have introduced a data cap for our plan and hope to introduce better pricing for low and high data users. A typical example of working together is the advent of Brian FM in Seddon. Before and after the Seddon earthquake there had been some talk of the need for a radio station locally. The talk continued but nothing happened. Within a week of an inquiry from Brian FM movers and shakers the Radio Station was operating in Seddon on 104.3 Mhz. In that week a small hut was installed, built by locals. The hill site was approved by the landowner at no charge. A local community owned utility company approved a co-location arrangement. A UPS power Supply was donated to keep the station running should power fail. Brian FM has given Civil Defence access to the station for emergency announcements. Brian FM is run by the founders who are locals and organised by one of them who is presently working in USA and the music streamed 24/7 gratis from Seddon by Dashnet. www.brianfm.com Brian FM Live Feed: Blenheim      100.9fm Seddon & Awatere Valley    104.3fm Picton   105.9fm “Quality is not an accident; it is the result of intelligent thinking”
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