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Rural Wireless Broadband There are many rural people and those not close enough to exchanges to gain from broadband over copper that  suffer from poor or no internet services. Recent fibre networks also fall short of delivery to outlying areas. These rural  and on the fringe located people, families, businesses and organisations are the areas that Dashnet has set to target.  If you can see our wireless sites then we can deliver services to you. You may be anywhere, including in town, with  clear view of our transmitting sites. You may also see our simple plans as suited to you. Just give us a call and we  can come and do a site survey.  Dashnet started building its network in the Awatere Valley and broadening its coverage from there. Dashnet will have  a state of the art wireless network that will deliver speeds as fast can be supplied presently. In other words the  Dashnet network will be able to keep up with what the internet throws at it. Pricing and plans for home connections will be simple and have a generous data component. Data blocks for usage  over this component of the monthly plan will be charged and billed the following month. We have learned that  unlimited speeds and data can create problems with bandwidth management and the network generally.   The introduction of data capped plans and charges for data used over this will be to an extent self-regulating of  bandwidth and also assist Dashnet to look to purchase better bandwidth. It will tend towards user pays.  New and specialised technologies can also burn up bandwidth. We will how ever have an “Acceptable use Policy” as  there are always some people that will try to abuse what could be seen as fair use. Any practice that affects the  network to the detriment of others will be dealt with under this policy. We welcome you to browse this site and see how wireless broadband works and has a place in the fast reliable  delivery of internet to your home, business or organisation. 
To register your interest in our services or to find out if you can receive our service, or you wish to have someone contact you to disscuss how we can help you, please CLICK HERE to fill in our contact form.
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If you are in a remote or rural area and  suffer from slow, un-reliable or even NO  broadband then contact us. We offer a fast,  reliable broadband connection at a fair  price. NO BULL! 
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Our Coverage Map Our coverage is allways evolving, Check our  coverage map to see if you can receive our  service. If your location is not currently  shown, then tell us! Register your interest  here or contact us. 
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